About Musu


Every Woman Deserves a Life of Abundance

I am on a path to creating abundance in every aspect of my life. A path that leads to financial peace and personal transformation. Two years ago I was in a different place. I lived a “normal” life like most people; living beyond my means and not giving much thought to how my actions would impact my life now and in the future. That changed when I finally realized that I was wrong all along and that the future would mean working until I could no longer work and still not have enough to live comfortably. That was a wake up call louder than I had ever imagined. I knew then without a doubt, that it was time to turn things around. It was now or never. That decision led me to start a journey to release myself from the bondage of financial foolishness and to make real changes in how I lived.

I started this blog to share what I’m doing to make progress everyday. Things like creating a budget every month and telling my money where to go. I am aware that it’s not going to be an easy journey but I am quite prepared to stay the course because I know that the destination on this journey is where I deserve to be.

The best part about this journey is that it has the potential of unlocking other opportunities that are deeply aligned with my goals. One such opportunity is my passion for creative cooking which led me to start a recipes and food blog Delectable Gems. There is no limit to the opportunities that unfold when the vision and goals are clear.

If this means something to you then join me on this journey and transform your life.