Start Believing in You

The 3 reasons for personal failure are due to the lack of:

  • self-love
  • self-trust
  • self-confidence

When we think less of our own capabilities and focus our attention on what others are achieving in their lives, there is always the tendency become frustrated and do nothing to improve our own lives, taking comfort in our belief that not everyone is meant to be successful. This leads to jealousy and envy (in a not so good way) of the achievements of others.

Second-guessing yourself and not trusting in your own abilities will lead to you being a constant follower because you believe others to be smarter. You nod in agreement even if you think otherwise and stay silent because you believe it is the easier than saying something that others don’t agree to.

When you begin to take control of your destination, share your thoughts and offer suggestions you have successfully stepped out of the shadow and ready to become your biggest fan. That is when you start to cheer and encourage yourself every step of the way even in the face of challenges.

Affirmations certainly make a difference. They help us to see ourselves in a different light. We become self-endearing and self-confident, which are two attributes of moving up the ladder of success.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of week.




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