Is the Idea Really Yours?

Today’s topic is about ownership of idea – the light bulb moment.

Couple of weeks ago a friend blasted someone for stealing her idea. She claimed that she was the first to bring about the idea and all of a sudden this other person was in the process of starting a side gig using the idea similar to what she had “constantly talked” about.

It all happened when my friend attended a webinar for entrepreneurs but made the mistake of talking about this fabulous idea that she had. It appeared like someone she knew and with whom she had spoken with at length about this idea also attended the webinar.

But truth being told, my friend did not seem ready to start but constantly talked about what she thought was a brilliant business idea and how she believed that it would change her life financially. Talking did not do the work.

Well, we all know what they say about procrastination and having a big mouth. Someone else thought it was a great idea and decided to take her chances. And it worked!

Now, there is “bad blood” between the two with one claiming that she is the originator of the idea. Was she?

Here is what I believe about ideas and getting it done:

  1. If you have a light bulb moment to start a business that seems to make sense to you, keep the idea to yourself while you think about your options.
  2. Only speak with someone who will guide you to taking action such as a consultant or mentor.
  3. Constantly talking about your idea to others when you are not taking any action to claim it and to make it reality, may give others an idea to do claim your idea.

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring to someone who may have fallen into a similar situation.

My closing advise if you have a great idea:

  • Think It!
  • Write It!
  • Plan It!
  • Do It!

Have a great Monday and a productive week.




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