Good Day Monday!-Ready for the Leap?


I’m ready to start another work week giving it the best that I have. It’s not always easy to say this especially if work DOES feel like work and giving it your best requires more than you expect.

I have heard multiple times that work should feel like fun, that you should be passionate and happy about what you do for a living. After hearing this so many times, I use to wonder if there was a job out there that did not feel like work.

So I asked myself this question many times, “how can I make work fun and feel happy waking up each morning to face the day?”

The answer came quickly. All I had to do to to be happy at work was to work for myself! As simple as is sounded I knew that there was a lot more to being my own boss than just saying or wishing it.

I knew without a doubt that if I ever wanted to take the leap I had to first clearly understand and define certain things about myself. Self clarity would help me decide if I wanted to take the leap or not.

Here are questions I pondered:

  1. Who I am – my personality, skills, likes, dislikes?
  2. What do I want to achieve – my goals?
  3. Why is it important for me to achieve these goals – what benefit will I derive from achieving these goals?
  4. How will I go about accomplishing these goals – my strategies?
  5. When do I plan to start?

I’ve heard others say “take the leap and the net will appear”. I’ll say “plan and then take the leap” if at all you have the time to do so. I found that wanting to take the leap requires more than just the skills I have. It requires proper planning that takes into consideration my entire person including whether I am financially ready to move on because like it or not the bills will come and life will happen even after I take the leap.

I hope this Monday post was an inspiration to you if you’re thinking of taking the leap now or sometime in the future.

Happy Monday and have a productive week!



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