How Mondays Help Start My Week Right


It’s a Good Day Monday!

I never thought I would actually be saying that. But yes, I am ! I remember not too long ago I hated Mondays like most other people returning to work after a somewhat short weekend.

Hard as it was, changing the way I thought about Monday has literally changed my perspective on work, self and nearly everything else in my life plus it as helped me manage my entire week.

Here are 3 things I started doing that shifted my thinking:

  1. Start my Monday right – rise early, quiet time, short workout, breakfast at home (this keeps me away from the break room chatter), spend a little time thinking of how I can change what I do for a living – like being my own boss (that thought is always refreshing if you don’t like what yo do at work). This has now become my daily routine and not only on Mondays.
  2. Be cheerful –  hard as it sometimes is, I found that having a cheerful attitude helps me get through the day, especially at work. I have learned to focus on the tasks, personal or work related and try to be happy doing them – great for customer service.
  3. Stop thinking TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday)  – for all the wrong reasons and start planning for the weekend doing things that add value to my life, like starting a business, working on hobbies, etc., something meaningful.

I actually implemented these 3 things about a month ago. Today I find that it’s easy to face Mondays and the rest of my week. I have a cheerful attitude, I now look forward to Fridays with great anticipation because I have set personal goals that need my attention, and look forward to the start of another work week without feeling like it’s a burden.

This has truly contributed to the positive change and upbeat attitude that I am experiencing in my life right now.

I hope this post was meaningful to you.

Have a great Monday and a productive week.


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