My Tropical Facial


My facial skin had been very dry during most part of the winter. My regular regimen was simply not doing the job. Then I had a light bulb moment……”why not treat my face using the same foods that I eat?”

The more I thought about the idea the better it sounded. So for my self-care Saturday last week I decided to try my first facial using foods that I eat. The result was simply amazing.

I took it further by using almost all the same foods each day as my daily regimen for the entire week and I am completely sold on the result- no soap-based cleansers, pores are smaller. my face is smooth, plus I did not wear foundation all of last week!

It is truly amazing that milk, honey, avocado and cucumber, foods that were doing good for my body and satisfying my belly would bring the same benefit to my facial skin.

Here are things that I use:

2 tbsp milk (I use 2% milk)

1/4 of a small avocado (butter pear as it is called in Liberia)

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp cucumber juice (I make my own cucumber juice)

1 tsp sweet almond oil

Facial brush (spin brush)

Cotton buds

Clean facial cloths

Here is my 4-step facial process for my self-care Saturday:

Cleanse – I apply the milk with cotton buds all over my face, use facial brush to help remove dirt, rinse and pat dry

Rejuvenate/Exfoliate – I mash avocado until smooth and add honey, stir well, apply to face avoiding eyes (I also apply to my mouth to lick :), wait 30 minutes, remove with warm damp face cloth, pat dry

Refresh and Tone – I apply cucumber in tiny drops around eye area first, then apply by patting tiny drops with fingers all over face and neck, I allow to dry for about 2 minutes while I feel my face tighten (pores are happy!)

Replenish/Moisturize – I apply tiny drops of sweet almond oil all over my neck and face (leaving out eye area) and lightly massage including on lips.

Here is my Daily Regimen for Sunday to Friday:

I cleanse with milk, refresh and tone with cucumber juice, and replenish/moisturize with sweet almond oil.

I plan to continue this regimen for the rest of the winter months. If there is a need during the turn of the season I’ll find other food products to sustain my face.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend and remember to…..Love thyself!



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