Rule #1: Love Thyself

Every woman should have a day in every week set aside for self-care. Loving myself is one way I raise my self-esteem and boost my self-confidence. But self-care does not have to cost a fortune. I have found the greatest source of comfort and relaxation in the simplest things that nature has to offer.

Saturday of each week is my day for self-care. I call the day Self-Care Saturday. I am a DIY-er! If I can help it I do nearly everything for myself. So on Saturday I set aside at least 3 hours to kick back, relax and pamper myself right in the comfort of my home.

My regular routine goes something like this:


#1 –  Create the ambience – setup the space to relax, and pamper. This can be any place in your home but it has to be completely quiet and away from all foot traffic. Bedroom would be a good place.

#2 – Lay out everything I need for the experience depending on what I am doing for that day

#3 – Apply the products in order of what I am doing for that day. If I have a full day I do things in this order: hair care, nail care, facial (if mask is applied I use that time, about 30 minutes to 1 hour to relax, rejuvenate and sometimes take a nap in the serenity that I create in my space.I like to include candles, stones, smells and sounds-VERY IMPORTANT for creating a relaxing atmosphere). After that well-deserved quiet time I remove the facial products (mask), tone, freshen and moisturize.

#4 – After my DIY spa treatment I make myself a generous cup of my favorite tea – Orange Spice homemade tea, slowly sipping and enjoying every drop.

I certainly hope that this information was useful to you. Find a day to set aside as your self-care day!

Have a great weekend!




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